Finishing and production lines

ConTeK company is supplier of electronics, control systems and drives for different type of finishing and production lines. In 2005 and 2006 we have realized for Vertex a.s. modernization of two finishing lines, which produce the glass wall coverings. Both lines process the fabric from glass material with following technological operations: fabric unwinding, finishing, drying in infrazone and kiln, cutting edges of fabric, eventually chopping the fabric into strips (see camera systems) and the final winding.

Modernization of finishing line needed complete modification of machine wiring and replacement of control system and additional electronics with our control system including two visualization systems OP15 located on the both ends of machine.

Control system

Control system PU02b is equipped with following extension boards: XmAio01, XmDio01, XmDo01 and XmDi01. Communication between operator panels and control system is realized by two communication lines RS485 (MCom485b).

Algorithms of control system controls for example:

  • speed of all 10 motors of machine that in certain phase of finishing desired fabric tension was observed (tension measured by 12 load cells). Motors are connected to inverters which are controlled through CAN bus from control system.
  • temperature in drying kiln by four PID regulators which controls four proportional valves for steam access in each section of drying kiln.
  • filling and emptying stock which allows changing empty unwinding roll to full, resp. changing full roll on the end of machine to empty without stopping machine.

Visualization system

Each of two operator panels OP15 provides comfortable setting of all parameters, visualization of actual state of all controlled parts and in service mode also diagnostics of whole machine.