Automation and regulation

  • of technological processes, production lines, machines, devices and instruments
  • specification, design, production, testing, service, guarantee

Reconstruction and modernization

  • of production processes, production lines, machines and devices
  • design, reconstruction, testing, service, warranty

Design and supplies of drive technology

  • electronic cams, drive regulators, drives-motors-gearboxes
  • synchronous or asynchronous drives, rotative or linear, AC or DC
  • complete design, calculations, realization, guarantee

Monitoring, evaluating and controlling progress of technological processes

  • production lines
  • machines
  • devices
  • instruments


  • control electronics
  • software equipment
  • switchboards
  • drives

Development and supplies of technical and software equipment

  • Development and supplies of electronics, control and visualization systems (HW)
    • - singlechip processors AVR, ARM7, ARM9
    • - industrial PCs
  • Development of system and application software equipment (SW)
    • - real-time operating systems
    • - visualization systems
    • - Windows XP Embedded
    • - Linux