Company profile

ConTeK Ltd. is mainly focused on area of industrial automation. We can offer high level of proficiency and long-term experience of our specialists during design, realization and following supplies of modern technology of the high level and quality.

For our customers, manufacturers of industrial machines or their parts, we provide complete support from design, calculations and realization to repeated supplies of electronics, control systems and drives for various types of production machines, lines and individual machines.

We offer development and supplies of technical and software equipment on customer requirements. Development of electronics, control and visualisation systems, development of system, application and visualisation software equipment.


  • Automation and regulation of production processes, production lines and individual machines
    - specification, design, production, testing, service, guarantee
  • Drive area
    - perfect knowledge, complete design, calculation, realization, guarantee (synchronous/asynchronous, rotative/linear, drives-motors-gearboxes)
  • Monitoring, evaluating a controlling progresses of technological processes
  • Supplies of control electronics, software equipment, switchboards, drives
  • Development and supplies of technical and software equipment ranging from single chip processors to systems of industrial PCs, realtime operating systems, visualization systems, Windows XP Embedded, ...

Main areas

  • Engineering, automobile, glass, chemical, semiconductor, food and textile industry
  • Drives, pressures, temperatures, positions, forces, weights, flows, humidity, revolutions, luminance
  • Drilling machines, grinders, milling machines, presses, drives, reelers, batch rollers, warp regulators, air-jet looms, twisting machines, treating and production lines, glass furnaces, dry kilns, boilers, air-conditioning units, testers, washers, single-purpose machines, instrument and medical technology