The Camera systems

ConTeK control systems can be equipped with modules which can processes videosignal from CCTV cameras or different devices with the video output. Because of this, we are able to digitalize and evaluate visual information from different technological processes and based on these we can control.

System for fabric chopping

System for fabric chopping is one of the control systems which processes the visual informations. This system controls continual monitoring and accurate chopping of glass fabric between desired warp threads. First of these systems were installed on finishing lines at Saint-Gobain Vertex, a.s. factory in Moravský Krumlov in Czech Republic where are produced wall coverings from glass fibres.

Processed fabric is continuously monitored by cameras on three locations. Output signal from each camera is digitalized and positions of threads are detected. Compared to previous thread positions, stepper motors moves the knives to chop fabric exactly between selected threads that no warp thread is chopped.

Control system consists of Control unit PU02b and Visualization unit OP15. Outputs from CCTV cameras are connected to XmVid02 board, where the videosignal is preprocessed by FPGA. Stepper motors are controlled by 3 modules MSM01c.

Block diagram of control system