Batch winders

Batch winders are additional devices for weaving machines which allows to wind up produced fabric in length up to few kilometers.

We are developing and producing batch winders in cooperation with CEDIMA Meziměstí s.r.o.

Batch winders NV220

Batch winders NV 220 are modern machines which allow fine and considerate manipulation with winded fabric. They are suitable for common fabric as well as heavy applications of winding - fabric made from plastic or glass fibres.

Batch winder NV 220 controls winding speed on desired value, which maintain tension in fabric on programmed level. Control system processes the information about fabric tension from load cells and controls speed of asynchronous motors by frequecy inverters. Tension in the fabric can be programmed in 10 steps which allows operator to set different tensioning force for each phase of winding process.

Batch winder NV220C has implemented new sophisticated algorithms, which provides precise regulation of batch tension without fabric damaging during winding as well as at beginning or finishing. Winder can be connected to information system, which collects and evaluates data about batch size and which can stop weaving machine when desired batch length is reached.

Batch winder NZS

Batch widner NZS is from the latest generation of batch winders. Winding priciple cames out from type NV220, but it supplements program defined preassure force between formed batch and rollers. Main advantage of this machine is elimination of batch weight influence. Batch winder NZS has completely new mechanics allowing in additon to fine and considerate manipulation of winded fabric also definend preassure force of formed batch. Information about fabric tension and preassure force are measured by load cells. Batch winder is suitable for complicated applications of winding - big and heavy batches, volumed, roving or sensitive fabric.

Batch winder NZS, compared with other types, are able to wind up in high quality two or three times longer batches.