Twisting machines

Twisting machines are machines for yarn twisting - creating clockwise or counter-clockwise turns on yarn. Twisting machines usually contains tenths of independent spindles where processed yarn is rewinded from bobbin on creel basket to spindle and ring makes the twists on the yarn.

Twisting machine VGT10

Twisting machines VGT10 are produced by Volkmann|Saurer. Machines are suitable for glass yarn twisting. Each from 96, 108 or 120 production position has independent motor of creel basket and independent motor of spindle. Machine is divided into sections with 12 spindles.

We have developed software equipment, control electronics and driving part of machine for VGT10 prototypes.

Because of machine size and complexity, each section with 12 spindles is locally controlled by two small control systems CtBrd01. Each CtBrd01 system controls 6 spindles, creel baskets, brakes, indicates condition of spindles (running, stopped, failure, yarn break) and process the information form control switches and yarn detectors. Each local control system is connected to main control system by communication line, which allows setting parameters and visualisation of section condition. Main control system of Glass Twister consists of PU02b processor unit and OP15 operator panel.