Air-jet weaving machines

We have developed electronics, software equipment and drive systems for air-jet weaving machines.

For displaying and easy setting of technological parameters the weaving machines have color display units with touch panels.

Control system

Main part of machine switchboard is the control system which consists of processor unit PU02 and several input and output extension boards. Type and number of I/O boards depends on machine configuration. Different machine configurations uses these boards: XmAio01, XmPga02, XmDio01, XmDo01 and XmDi01.

Digital signals from sensors and control buttons are connected to modules with LED indication, which makes diagnostics efficient and very easy. Output signals from control system are connected to modules, which can directly drive pneumatic valves, beacon lights, DC motors etc. Typical I/O modules used on weaving machines are AmT02-04, modules with LED indication AmL03 or analog amplifiers MAmp01b.

Important part of switchboard are inverters from Lenze company. Depending on machine type, we are using inverters for controlling synchronnous or asynchronnous motors of machine. Inverters are controlled through CAN bus.

Some types of weaving machines are equipped with stepper motors, which are controlled by MSM01c modules.

Control system can be also equipped with fast programable I/O board XmPga02 which can generate accurate trajectory for drives (electronic cam) or can provide information about absolute positions from resolvers.

Control system provides all information about weaving process through communication interfaces like RS-485 (MCom485b) or Ethernet. That allows simple connection with information systems, which collects and evaluates production data of weaving machines.

Visualization system

Each weaving machine is equipped with visualization system which consists of OP15 - 15" color display unit with touch pannel and PU01b - processor unit for visualization. This visualization system provides to operator all information about weaving process. Also the operator can set all parameters of weawing machine by touching the display.

Block diagram of control system