XmVid02 - Videodigitizer board

XmVid02 - Videodigitizer board

  • can be connected to XBus interface of ConTeK control system
  • 16 byte address space
  • 4 multipexed inputs for composite videosignal
    • 2 independent digitizers with 2 videoinputs
    • PAL/SECAM/NTSC standard
    • black&white/color mode
    • 512kB SRAM for capturing digitalized frames
    • functions for setting the brightness, contrast and sharpness
    • functions for zoom-in, zoom-out and cropping
    • detection of signal 50/60Hz
  • 16 digital inputs
    • selectable signal level for groups of 4 inputs (5V, 24V)
  • 16 digital outputs with TTL level


XmVid02 is videodigitizer board suitable for applications where videosignals must be processed. It can be connected to XBus interface of ConTeK industrial systems.

It can process signals from 4 videoinputs via two independed videodigitizers and control 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs.

Cameras or other devices with videoutputs can be connected directly to videodigitizer board, digitalized data of frames are captured or preprocessed by FPGA core. Control system can read datas from XmVid01 through XBus interface.

Technical parameters

  • Power supply voltage: 5VDC from XBus interface
  • Power consumption: 150mA
  • Operating temperature: 0-70°C
  • Interface:
    • ConTeK XBus, 34 pin
    • Addressing: can be set between 00h-F0h in 16 byte steps
    • IRQ: depends on FPGA core
  • Video inputs:
    • Standard: PAL, SECAM, NTSC
    • Impedance: 75Ohm
    • Videosignal level: 1V (p-p)
    • Resolution: brightness and color 8 bits
  • Digital inputs:
    • Number of inputs: 16
    • Input voltage: can be set 24V or 5V independently for groups of 4 inputs