OP05 – Graphic terminal 5"

OP05 – Graphic terminal

  • graphical display 240 × 128 dots
  • LED backlight with software adjustable intensity
  • adjustable contrast with temperature compensation
  • rugged 21 buttons keypad with tactile feedback
  • galvanically isolated RS485 interface
  • RFID module 125 kHz
  • optical and acoustic signalization
  • CpuArm01b or CpuArm02 processor unit


OP05 is small industrial graphical terminal for data displaying and editation. In basic configuration the terminal OP05 consists of terminal panel and the processor unit. Terminal panel is connected to processor board on XBus interface. Terminal OP05 can be equipped with CpuArm01b or CpuArm02 processor unit and can be extended with input/output extension modules connected to XBus inteface.

Terminal is equipped with galvanically isolated RS485 communication interface. Other communication interfaces are part of processor unit.

For quick and easy user identification the OP05 terminal is also equipped with contactless RFID module which reads RFID cards and other identification items.

The terminal keypad is membrane and has 21 buttons with tactile feedback.

Terminal is designed for mounting to device panel.

Technical parameters

  • Supply voltage: depends on processor unit
  • Operating temperature: 0–50 °C
  • Cover: front panel IP64, otherwise IP20
  • Front panel dimension: 190 × 170 mm
  • Display
    • Resolution: 240 × 128 dots
    • View area: 130 × 75 mm
    • Backlight: white LED, software adjustable intensity
    • Contrast: software adjustable contrast according to environment temperature
    • Temperature sensor: 12 bits
  • Keypad
    • Type: membrane with tactile feedback
    • Lifetime: min. 106 presses
    • Buttons: 21 in 7 × 3 matrix
  • Communication interface RS485
    • Connector: 5 pins
    • Signals: Tx+, Tx–, Rx+, Rx–, GND
    • Baudrate: selectable
      • 1200/2400 bps
      • 4800/9600 bps
      • 19200/38400 bps
      • 56700/115200 bps
    • Galvanical isolation: yes
    • Indication: receive/transmit
  • RFID module
    • Frequency: 125 kHz
    • Mode: read only
    • Supported card types: EM4102 or compatible
    • Position: front panel
    • Max. distance: 8 cm
  • Optical signalization
    • Type: LED in front panel
    • Function: defined by software equipment
    • States: off, green, red, orange
  • Acoustic signalization
    • Function: defined by software equipment
    • Frequency: 1,8 kHz

Software equipment

User application written in C or C++ can be uploaded through JTAG or RS232 interface. For software development common development tools (GCC, IAR) can be used. C library with routines for keypad and display is available.