NVS - Stand-type Batch Winder

Batch winder is an additional device for loom which allows winding of produced fabric without cutting in overall length more than several kilometers.

Batch winders are developped and produced in co-operation with CEDIMA Meziměstí s.r.o.

Stand-type batch winder NVS is the latest generation of winding machines. The principle of winding is based on the batch winder NV220 series, but it is supplemented by a program-defined contact force created between the fabric and the winding roll. The great advantage is elimination the influence of its own weight of winding. Batch winders NVS have a completely new mechanics allowing to handle the fabric gently and with care and provide the contact force of winding fabrics. Information of the tightening force and preassure are obtained from the load cells. Batch winders are suitable for use even for demanding applications - large, heavy, volume, roving or delicate fabrics.

Batch winder NVS can process 2 to 3 times longer high-quality windings then others.