NV220 - Batch winder

Batch winder is an additional device for looms which allows winding of produced fabric without cutting in overall length more than several kilometers.

Batch winders are developped and produced in co-operation with CEDIMA Meziměstí s.r.o.

The batch winder is modern device enabling the operators to handle the fabric gently and with care and is suitable not only for common textiles but also for the complicated winding of e.g. industrial fabrics, glass-fibre fabrics and many others.

The NV220 winder maintains the speed of winding at such levels that the tightening of the fabric is stable and accurate as pre-programmed. The system utilizes information about the tightening force from the respective strain gauge and regulates the asynchronous drive using a frequency converter. The tightening of the fabric can be programmed in ten steps, which means that the operator can program various tightening forces corresponding to individual stages of winding.

The NV220 winder uses brand new carefully developed algorithms which regulate the tightening force of the fabric accurately at all stages of the winding process (starting, actual winding, stopping) without causing any damage of the fabric. The winder can be connected to the central data collection facility, the length of the batch can be monitored and the winder switched off as soon as the required length of the batch is achieved.