AmT02 – Module of 8 transistor outputs 80V/2A

AmT02 – Module of 8 transistor outputs 80V/2A

  • 8 outputs 80V/2A
  • suitable for inductive load switching
  • fast current attack at switch-on, reduced holding current
  • outputs controlled individually by logic signals
  • LED indication
  • can be connected to outputs of XmDo01 or XmDio01


AmT02 is module of 8 transistor outputs suitable for inductive load switching (electromagnetic valves, conductors etc.), where fast current increase and reduced holding current are desired. Fast switching is achieved by connecting higher voltage (up to 80 VDC) for short time of turn-on phase which causes fast current increase. After energizing voltage at output is decreased to holding voltage level (24 VDC). Each output has independent timer, which determines length of fast current increase.

Load can be connected between output terminal and common terminal GND. Each output has switch-off diode for absorbing voltage spikes, which arises during turn-off of inductive load.

Output switching is accomplished by connecting corresponding pins INx+ and INx–, eg. by XmDo01 or XmDio01 outputs. Switching is indicated by LED.

Module or individual outputs must be protected against overload. Module loaded with max. load needs cooling by natural air flow.

Module can be mounted to frame which snaps-on to DIN TS35 rail system.

Technical parameters

  • Power supply voltage: 24 VDC ±5 V
  • Switched voltage: min. power supply voltage, max. 80 VDC
  • Current consumption: < 1 mA (all outputs off), 80 mA (all outputs on, load disconnected)
  • Operating temperature: 0–50 °C
  • Inputs: (INx+, INx–)
    • Number of inputs: 8
    • Level L: max. 2 mA
    • Level H: min. 7 mA
  • Outputs: (OUTx)
    • Number of outputs: 8
    • Switch type: P-MOS transistor
    • Switched current: max. 2 A continuously, max. 8 A for 0.5 s
    • Voltage drop @ 2 A: max. 0.2 V
    • Switch-off leakage current: max. 0.1 mA