AmL03 – Terminal module with LED indication

AmL03 – Terminal module with LED indication


AmL03 terminal module converts signals from flat connectors to terminal block WAGO256 with LED indication of signals.

Module is designed for connecting input or output signals, analog or digital. Polarity of digital signals indication can be selected by placing resistor network to socket, level of indicated signal is determined by resistor network value. In case of connecting analog signal the indication is not used and resistor network is not placed.

Module can be mounted at DIN TS35. This module is not designed for connecting at 230V.

Technical parameters

  • Current: max. 1 A per terminal
  • Operating temperature: 0–70 °C
  • Terminal block
    • Number of terminals: 24 + 5 (3×8 signal, 3×1 common, 2 indication supply)
    • Terminal type: WAGO256
  • Flat connectors
    • Number of connectors: 3
    • Connector type: PSL16 (signals – 8 pins, common – 8 pins)
  • Indication
    • Current: typ. 2 mA
    • Indication voltage: 24 VDC, adjusted by resistor network